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What's a Starter Bay?

Starter bayA Starter Bay is a bay of racking consisting of two frames and is usually (standard) supplied with 6 beams - two beams make up a level.

For most types of racking, you can purchase additional levels. Our customer service team can tell you how many beams you can have for the type of racking you require.

Around the site the icons showing starter bays will look like:

Starter bay

Each run of racking or shelving - a run is a length of racking comprising more than one bay - must include a starter bay.

What's an Add on Bay?

An add on bay is not a standalone bay of racking but is added to a starter bay to extend it. While a starter bay consists of 2 frames and a number levels, an add on bay is 1 from and any number of levels.

Important information about starter bays:

Around the site you will see icons showing add on bays, which will look like:

Add on bay

What's a Level?

A level is the same as a shelf and for the majority of our racking a level is made up of 2 beams and a sheet of chipboard or steel; for our garment racking a level consists of just two, rounded beams.