How To Buy Racking

Tell Us About Your Space? - This will help us to provide you with an accurate quote

1 – Measure the outline of your space (sketch the outer dimensions of your space from wall to wall)

2 - Plot any building features (measure from each wall to the building feature in your space. This includes any pillars, building columns, staircases or similar)

3 - Let us know your access points (this covers doors, rollers doors, windows and fire exits. Measure from the outer walls to each access point and plot on your sketch)

4 - Plot the details – this may include skirting or cable trunking, switches, heaters or machinery that could affect the storage requirements)

5 - Measure from floor level to the underside of the lowest feature in your space e.g. lights or heating units

Finding the Right Product for You - Let us know what you are storing and how it will be handled so that we can recommend the right shelving or racking system to suit

If you are Storing Hand Loaded Boxes ,Containers or Cartons 

1 – What are the dimensions of these – Height x Width x Depth?

2 – How Heavy are these in Kgs Each?

3 – How will you handle this product - By Hand – Sack Truck or Trolley?

4 - Can you store this product at height? – Consider Mobile Steps Or Handling Equipment

5 - How regularly do you need to access the products?

If you are Storing PalletsLongspan Racking Image

1 - What are the dimensions of the Pallets - Height x Width x Depth?

2- How Heavy are your Pallets in Kgs Each?

3 – Do you want to store Pallets and Containers together?

4 – What type of Forktruck will you be using?

5 – Which way will the Pallet be handled?

If our guide isn't helpful please don't hesitate to call or email and we will be more than happy to help find what best suits you.
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